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06/07/2013 | Randi

I tried aRomatherapy Mobile Pet Grooming a few months ago and was I not disapppointed!!!  Roma and Avi are wonderful people and complete animal lovers!!!  They are just wonderful with my crew of 3 rambunctious Frenchies. My oldest male, Mogwai, has a really hard time with getting his nails clipped. Roma and Avi are so patient and wonderful with him.  They provide custom shampoo (anti-itch for my two allergy furkids) and a blueberry facial as well as ear cleaning, nail trimming, and anal glands expressed.  They do a great job.  I am now signed up as a regular customer, every 4 weeks.  Try them and I promise you will not be disappointed.

04/27/2013 | Miss X

Although I live in the heart of boutique-y pet store central, I couldn't get an a appointment anywhere for my dog to be groomed for +2 weeks. After perusing a few websites, I decided to give aRomatherapy a call. Their prices were surprisingly reasonable & the following day we had an appointment. I cannot stress enough, how happy I am with their service! I would recommend aRomatherapy to everyone, especially if your dog is shy, scared, or just hates baths! Rather than mobile pet groomers, I would more aptly describe them as mobile spa providers.

03/06/2013 | Christine

Roma is so calm and gentle. She takes care of our three dogs. One of them, Margie, is 16 years old! She is terrified of going to the groomer due to past bad experiences. But she loves Roma! Roma talks and pets Margie through the whole process. Please give her a try!!!!!

05/20/2012 | Amanda

Roma has groomed our dogs for at least a decade and she finally started her own business. I would love to rave about her personality and work ethic, but you will be more impressed by her heart and the quality of her work. Just try her once - she doesn't cost a fortune and her work truly speaks for itself.

10/11/2011 | A.S.

Roma is a groomer that really cares about her clients big and small. We have have been extremely happy with her service and the dogs always look forward to her visit. She uses natural products that are completely safe for animals. She takes her time and they come back clean, dry and smelling great! A wonderful way to spoil your pet.

08/15/2011 | Stevi

Fabulous, they spend more time kissing your dog than you do. Roma grooms my three large and extra large dogs and the tails start wagging when the van pulls up. If you love your dog and want the best call them.

08/08/2011 | Astrid

Roma is the best!!! I have 3 dogs and they are so happy when she comes to get them. They used to hate getting groomed, now they push each other out of the way to be the 1st to be groomed. One of my dogs is a poodle that is difficult to groom due to the quality of her hair and Roma makes her look amazing. I love that Roma uses biodegradable products and gives my dogs a post bath massage with essential oils. Call her... your dog will thank you!

08/06/2011 | Lori

For any of you out there that have your dogs groomed... try Roma and her mobile service. ...The first time I used Aromatherapy, it was for my foster dog that was very nervous and scared. He loved Roma, and wasn't afraid at all. A few weeks later we ran into Roma and Avi ...and my foster dog ran and jumped into their van and didn't want to leave!...They are so caring and patient and are genuinly concerned about each dog's needs should there be something special...I love them for my dogs and my fosters.

06/22/2011 | Susan

Better than my spoiled dogs deserve. They love their grooming experience.

06/22/2011 | Barbara

They are such gentle, lovely professional people. They groom one of my dogs on a weekly basis. He has terrible allergies and bathing him weekly was vet recommended. Since they have been bathing him, his terrible skin condition has improved tremendously. It hurt me to watch him always scratching himself. My other dogs have never looked so good. Fair Prices, Great Service. Highly Recommend!

06/22/2011 | Stevi

Yes, as good as it gets. Our dogs love Roma better than us. Our old guy refused to go into the old groomers, something must have happened to him there. He LOVES Roma and looks gorgeous and is happy to be groomed. Roma and Avi kiss him more than we do. True dog lovers, your pet will be handled gently and with care and consideration.

12/05/2010 | Trudy

We called Aromatherapy to groom Buddy, a troubled dog that hadn't been groomed in a long time. The grooming process was "challenging" to say the least. Roma and her partner were very gentle with Buddy and incredibly patient. They stayed as long as they had to to complete the grooming. I can't say enough nice things about how great they were, and how dedicated to their job they are. Highly recommended!

09/01/2010 | Marc

aRoma Therapy gave my dog the best haircut shampoo!!! I have a cocker spaniel and have struggled to find a good groomer in West LA that can really give my dog the care that he needs. Roma is awesome...she gave my dog the best wash and cut he's ever had, period. And my dog loved her....he usually has a hard time at the groomers. I very highly recommend Roma to anyone who wants a much better grooming experience for their dog.

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