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Basic Mobile Pet Grooming Services

Skin Care

In order to maintain your pet’s skin and coat wellness it is essential to brush and de matt its coat extensively and thoroughly. It is important to methodically brush the undercoat in order to stimulate the skin, prevent dead hair from becoming matted and to avert dirt and dander from sticking thus promoting the coat's cleanliness and healthiness. Careful brushing helps evaluate and monitor your pet's skin condition and allows us to detect various skin issues such as cuts, scabs, irritation, hot spots and
sores otherwise hidden by the pet's coat. In addition, we always monitor the skin for fleas and tics and if found we will treat them promptly and accordingly.

Blueberry Facial

aRomatherapy Mobile Pet Grooming is known for our Blueberry Facial. Treat your dog to the all-natural, hypo allergenic, tearless and aromatherapeutic Blueberry Facial by South Bark Dog. Your pooch will enjoy the face message and attention while the facial will brighten his fur. It is safe so if he or she licks it there isn’t any harm. This is recommended for all breeds but especially for any that are prone to have facial odor issues such as bulldogs and pugs.

If you love your pooch and our Blueberry Facial very, very much...Treat him or her to the Blueberry Facial Package, which includes a Blueberry Facial, Blueberry Shampoo and Conditioner and Blueberry Cologne.

Dog Haircut

We perform haircuts for all breeds.  Long hair, short hair or anything in between! We groom pets lovingly and patiently, yet we are methodical and thorough. Each haircut will be done with the greatest care.

Ear Treatment

We will observe your pooch's ear for any signs of infection, ear mites or irritation. Then we clean the ear with special ear cleaner and apply a medicated powder that controls odors and dries the ear canals to prevent infections.

Nails, Paws, Pads

Many dogs are extremely sensitive about their nails. Therefore we carefully trim nails after assessing the length of the vein. This insures that no bleeding occurs and no discomfort or trauma is caused to your pooch.  In order to maintain healthy and clean pads, it is imperative to shave them. This prevents mattes from forming and keeps small stones and dirt from sticking to the pads, which may cause pain and discomfort. We also trim your pooch's paw hair so he will look slick and clean.

Teeth Brushing

We will brush your buddy's teeth as part of our basic service. However, in order to maintain excellent oral hygiene this needs to be performed at home at least once a week and yearly professional teeth cleaning at a vet is recommended.

Anal Glands

It is important to express your dog's anal glands periodically. This service prevents liquid from accumulating, which may cause discomfort and pain to your pet. We would like to prevent your buddy from expressing its anal glands in an unwanted area and time. However, we will refrain from completing this process in cases where the pet shows signs of pain or discomfort during extraction. This is a very sensitive area and in some cases a vet's involvement may be needed.

Hygiene Clip

For some breeds Hygiene Clip is recommended in order to prevent urine stains from sticking to the skin and causing odor and skin irritation. We will gladly give your pooch a Hygiene Clip if needed. We will alert you about any skin, ear or coat issue that we encounter as well as any other issue we may see.


Signature Mobile Pet Grooming Services

Dry Shampoo

This service is recommended for older dogs that are unable to stand through the length of the service. It is also suitable for dogs that are fearful of water. This service guarantees that the odor is not be masked, but is actually removed. We complete this treatment with a leave-on conditioner and detangler.

Only Brush Out

If your pet has long hair and you wish to maintain his or her healthy coat but prefer to minimize baths, this economic service is recommended for you.

Paw & Nose

Your pet's paws are working hard, providing cushioning and protection daily. Treat your buddy to a special paw treatment in order to prevent cracked and damaged paws. We provide a soothing, relieving paw massage with Bowwow Butter Balm by Happy Tails.

Lady Pedicure

For the princess of the house! Enhanced nail treatment that includes cut, buff, nail polish and the application of paw cream.

Medicated Shampoo

For those with sensitive skin.